Can We Have a Conversation About Our Mental Health, Too, Please?

The physical toll of COVID-19 is real, but what about our emotional health?

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Well, I’m not in Arizona out of physical necessity, but for my mental health, something I’ve worked hard, fought hard, and overcome a lot to have today.

But, what now? There’s no end in sight.

I’ve been doing well but there’s only so much talking to myself and my chihuahua that seems normal or healthy.

I don’t want to be alarmist — Lord knows we all have enough to worry about right now, but I am concerned for us.

So this is my call — to bring attention to the matter. Please consider how to protect your mental health, not just your physical health.

What’s the thing you’ve always wanted to do but never have? Could you try that now?

Author, Storyteller, Poet, and Queer Mental Health Advocate. Transgender Badass ~ he/him/él 🌈

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